Street Outreach

Giving Hope’s Street Outreach team was established in 2017 to be able to reach those in need by meeting them where they are in Denton County.

Our Street History

Homelessness was becoming more visible to the community at large. Serve providers have worked towards ending homelessness for the past 30 years but it was done in small pockets not in the collaborative effort that we see today. 2017 brought about a change in the way service providers worked to end homelessness in Denton County with the implementation of coordinated entry.

In the early spring of 2017, the city of Denton Police Department approached Giving Hope about connecting with our street outreach team and broadening the are of accessibility for the street outreach team. Within a year, almost 40 individuals that were met during street outreach obtained permanent housing. This can be directly attributed to our team being able to get into encampments regularly and build more stable relationships with clients. Therefore, the clients do not have to come to us, but we have a way to reach them and consistently work on building the relationship that is needed to transition from homelessness to housing.

– Tyheshia Scott

Our Outreach Stories