Servant Leadership

Each one of us could probably give an example of someone who impacted our life in a way that changed how we view ourselves, the world, or both. People who have stopped us in our tracks and held us accountable to live up to our potential. Some might call them role models. I call them game changers. There have been plenty in my own life to be certain, but none so significant as those at Giving Hope.

Wisdom and determination are a powerful combination, and Giving Hope’s Board of Directors have both in abundance. In my many years of community outreach, I have never seen a better example of servant leadership than I have encountered at Giving Hope. Board members, even the executive kind, often times see their involvement in a nonprofit organization as mostly ceremonial, excepting large checks and posing for the grip and grin that makes us all Facebook Famous. This is certainly not the case here at Giving Hope, where day-to-day operations were managed by the most remarkable game changers in all of Texas, Giving Hope’s Board of Directors, as the search for an Executive Director was underway.

It is a privilege to know them and an honor to join them as together we lead the way forward.


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