The Programs We Offer

Giving Hope serves as a front door to a Continuum of Care comprised of rental assistance and support services aimed at making homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring. Community support helps us give a hand up to individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Denton County, Texas.

Street Outreach

The Street Outreach Team travels locally to known encampments, abandoned buildings, and wooded areas to attempt to make contact and build rapport with individuals who are currently not seeking or are unaware of services available in Denton County.  Our team works arduously to help those persons experiencing homelessness to navigate a path from the streets to housing by helping with documentation for identification, referring them to other agencies for housing assistance or offering care and support for substance abuse or mental health solutions. For more information on our Street Outreach program OR to read some of our success stories, check out our Street Outreach page.

Homeless Prevention

Early intervention is crucial when someone’s housing stability is placed in jeopardy by a job loss, medical emergency, or family conflict. A cascade effect that turns a temporary situation into chronic crisis can be avoided with intensive case management that helps someone explore untapped community resources or mediation services. 

Rapid Re-Housing

Evidence shows that the negative impacts of prolonged homelessness are significantly reduced by the Housing First response to homelessness. Efforts to prevent loss of employment, substance abuse, non-adherence to healthcare provider instructions, and school absenteeism require community partners to increase our clients’ positive outcomes.

Rapid re-housing can increase the capacity of emergency shelters to make beds available for those who homelessness is not prevented. This response allows a lower cost per household – increasing the total number of households that can be served with the same amount of funding. The rate of success sharply improves with the use of tools such as Coordinated Entry (CE) and the Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS).

Turning Point Program

Permanent Supportive Housing Program combines safe, affordable housing assistance with support services to assist chronically homeless persons living with a disability achieve housing stability.  It also helps them learn skills to keep housing, live independently, and become self-sufficient.


We are proud to support men and women that served our country.  We work closely with other service providers in our community to assist each service member as they transition to civilian life, regardless of when they separated from the military.