Partner Spotlight

It takes a special brand of loyalty to your organization’s mission to drop everything at a moment’s notice to pitch in on the front lines of a service delivery agency. That is the sign of a true partner. Courtney Cross, of United Way Denton, showed that kind of loyalty when she stepped in as Program Coordinator during our recent transition. Change management can be daunting, often messy, and occasionally hazardous, but Courtney proved she has the know how to get things done. Thanks to our partner, United Way, and to Courtney Cross for making it possible for us to continue to serve our community in the midst of change.

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Word On The Street

Street outreach is a core program at Giving Hope. Our dedicated staff conducts surveys for the annual Point in Time Count and follows up to make sure anyone who may be experiencing or at risk of homelessness knows there are services available to house, feed, clothe, and counsel in our community. To find out more about homelessness in Denton County, visit the most recent Point in Time Count.