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Who We Are

The mission of Giving HOPE Inc. is to give a hand up to those experiencing or at-risk of homelessness through advocacy, community collaboration, and rental assistance.

Giving HOPE, Inc. assists people who:


Executive Director

Dr. Alonzo Peterson

Executive Director

Dr. Alonzo Peterson is the Executive Director of Giving Hope Inc. Alonzo joined the organization in January 2013 with twelve years of experience in the non-profit sector. Alonzo is the former Executive Director of the Denton County Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and helped the organization develop its first statewide volunteer program. Alonzo served as the Community Affairs Director for Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance and helped the organization manage and launch its 24 hour homeless service center, The Bridge. Alonzo was also a site director for the federal crime reduction program Weed and Seed.

2014 Board of Directors

President Shari Brand
Vice President Lethia Fanuiel
Secretary Dianne Randolph
Treasurer Janet Shelton
Michael Pirtle
Allen Chick
Kimberly Sudderth
Kathryn Langley
Robbie Torrey
Barb Halflich
Margaret Dawson
Julie Martinez
Randi Skinner
Glen Farris Squib
Debbie Knabe


Program Manager Sharell Clay
Program Manager Emma Fowler
Program Manager Pauline Jemison
Outreach Manager Liz Buferd
COC Data Support Specialist  Roshaun Epperson
Intake Specialist  Ann Sholes







Career Opportunities:


Giving HOPE, Inc. currently has no open positions.